About Foundation



An image of the Bookcity was emerged on reed plain with an area of 480,000 square feet 20 years after people of common concern gathered their mind of constructing publication community at the end of 1980s.

A dream city where architectural culture of placing priority on great public vision sparing eco-system bloomed and book culture is beautifully harmonized with human life.

This is the future that this Bookcity is pursuing.

Bookcity Culture Foundation was established in order to create a city where the nature and city, books and art are harmonized by activating the Bookcity and furthermore expanding Seoul-oriented cultural art to its base.

In the future, our foundation wish to become a driving force of making our book culture and art known to the world by supporting exchange, research, writing of international publication culture as well as book fair at home and abroad, symposium activity and performing a function of education, exhibition, performance.

- Kim, Eoun-ho Chairman of the board -