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Yeongeun Ko, the CEO of DDStone took office of the 6th chief director of the Bookcity Culture Foundation
3rd term Chairman Kim, Eoun-ho served the consecutive terms.
’Forest of Wisdom’ that was book hall where paper book is preserved, protected and read was opened in Jijihyang that is Asia Publication Culture & Information Center and knowledge training facility
Bookcity Culture Foundation was awarded with 'Best Technology in the Field of Culture' of 'Sheikh Zayed Book Award' that is an international book prize sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Abu Dhabi in the name of Paju Bookcity. By this prize, Bookcity Culture Foundation created Sheikh Zayed forest that could be utilized as resting place by Visitors to the Bookcity and residing staff members on June, 2013.
10. 22
’DMZ documentary film festival’ jointly hosted by Gyeonggi-do and Paju City and sponsored by this foundation and residing enterprise consultation body was progressed at DMZ and an area around Paju Bookcity from October 22 (Thu) to October 26 (Mon).
10. 20
<An exhibition that art encountered Bookcity> hosted by Pajubookcity Corporate Cooperative and sponsored by this foundation was opened at gallery JijiHyang from October 20 (Tue) to November, 14 (Sat). Three organizations including the foundation, book complex cooperatives and Pajubookcity Corporate Cooperateive hosted preview of film that was produced and distributed by MK Pictures (Representative: Lee, Eun) that is second stage participant for book city residing enterprises and persons concerned. 1,636 seats of 9 theaters in addition to Cinus was sold out and latest book and food of residing company were provided to 1,000 persons in the order of arrival.
By setting 279 volumes that is foreign translation books donated by KLTI at Jijihyang art shop, it was composed as PR hall where visitors of Bookcity and Jijihyang could realize excellence of our books while reading books freely.
Bookcity PR booth was operated at <autumn book culture festival> hosted by Korean Publication Ethics Commission
AFDU(Asian Floral Designers Union)2009 that is Asian grand prix floral design contest held magnificent opening ceremony at Multipurpose Hall under attendance of 150 designers and persons concerned from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong This event was progressed at 15 places of Asia Publication Culture & Information Center and Paju Bookcity residing companies by April 25.
Paju Bookcity was highlighted again by exhibiting a topic of ‘Critical topic: culturescape, here Paju Bookcity’ at 2008 Venice biennale International architecture fair. This exhibition achieved a performance of showing social, environmental, cultural value of book city that proposes life style being harmonized with the nature and artificial touch.
SA 2008 international summer workshop was progressed at the Bookcity under joint host with UK AA School and in this workshop, app. 100 architects, professors and students at home and abroad participated.
Yu, In-chon, Minister of MCST looked around second stage project site of the Bookcity and after being briefed for two libraries, had discussion for development plan of the Bookcity.
At 2008 Gyeonggi-do library contest planned by Gyeonggi-do for the development of provincial library, Gyeonggi-do, community chest of Korea and Boocity Culture Foundation concluded book donation MOU for knowledge information disadvantaged class.
After visiting major facilities of the Bookcity by MOFA Park, Joon-woo, ass. Minister for planning & coordination and Bae, Jae-Hun, director of culture and diplomacy, they discussed to promote installation of media PR hall of each country at the Bookcity based on key role of foreign culture center residing in Korea.
20 foreign envoys in Korea from 8 countries including US ambassador Alexander Vershbow visited the Bookcity and discussed a plan of re-urbanization of the Bookcity of installing PR hall relevant to publication media of each country at office building of residing companies.
28th Seoul general assembly Paju Bookcity visiting day event of IPA was held at the Bookcity and 200 publishers all over the world visited the Bookcity.
Typographic printing data that opened dawning of Korean modern printing was collected and exhibited and the Bookcity typographic work shop showing typographic printing process by collecting, restoring machine at that time was opened.
As book festival was held for 3 days by November 4, the audience including Paju, Gyoha residents had experience time that could be enjoyed at the Bookcity only such as cultural stroll to publishing companies, book street, reading camp for 2 days without sleep, ‘trip to book country’ together with children with leukemia, children cancer, architectural travel to the Bookcity, meeting with writer, special exhibition of Jikji and ancient printing
As ‘film fair bloomed from literature’ was held, 35 pieces of film poster based on original of literature (possessed by Yang, Hae-Nam) and 35 kinds of first novel edition as original (possessed by Oh, Young-Sik) were shown by January 31, 2008.
At gallery Jijihyang, ‘Joo, Myeong-Deok fair’ sorting out, re-composed and introducing 44 pieces of diversified works including documentary photo of professional photographer Joo, Myeong-Deok that accounts for important position in photo history of our country , cultural heritage record, character and landscape photo was held up to October 14.
At the center of Paju Bookcity, ‘Guest House Jijihyang, gallery Jijihyang and art shop’ that is education training facility, was opened.3 volumes of ‘city journal of rain and wind’ containing 20 years construction history of the Bookcity, ‘Bookcity 2007 winter’, a photo collection of the Bookcity and ‘A story of loyal cow’ were published.
’This times, what Paju Bookcity left’ that is a seminar in memory of 1 stage completion of Paju Bookcity was held.Architects who participated in the Bookcity discussed ‘Experience in Paju’. Gang, Hong-Bin (University of Seoul) and Prof. Min, Hyeon-sik (Korea National University of Arts) gave topic presentation. As education training facility , ‘Guest House Jijihyang and gallery Jijihyang’ was opened at the center of the Bookcity, Asia Publication Culture & Information Center was completed in 7 years. 1st stage of the Bookcity becomes a target of concern from experts at home and abroad and also globally highlighted as cultural city.
<New year’s eve concert of Bookcity family> being harmonized with high leveled concert and dinner party by inviting famous Belgium flautist Marc Grauwels became a meaning place finishing a year.
Exhibition of ‘from paper to book’ of <Paju Bookcity festival 2006 special fair> started its 10 days schedule.In particular, this exhibition received favorable comment by diversified progress including ‘competitive edge of paper 2006’ corner participated by 4 paper mills representing Korea, ‘Good book design of East Asia’ including books of China, Taiwan that was not properly highlighted so far and ‘Here, pride of book city’ that is typical book fair of book city residing companies.<Paju Bookcity Forum 2007> participated by 500 person from total 9 countries based on topic of ‘Innovation and new demand creation’ was opened.In this event being held based on 4 days schedule, publication experts of each country participated as speaker and panel.They visited Korean printing industry including Paju Bookcity and large book stores of Seoul and pursued exchange with Korean publishers.
<Reverberation of Serene spirit>, sculpture fair of Gwon, Seok-Man was opened. By exhibiting app. 20 pieces of marble, natural stone and metal sculpture at outdoor space of Asia Publication Culture & Information Center, a new possibility of architecture and space was demonstrated to the audience visiting the Bookcity.
Reporter meeting explaining 2nd stage development plan of Paju Bookcity was held at press center. 2 stage participating companies and 1st stage residing companies representatives including Chairman Lee, Gi-Woong were attended and 50 major daily newspaper, broadcasting station reporters were participated. Reporter presentation of 2nd stage development project plan focused on meeting printing type with image was arranged as a place of explaining a process of making first birth of a new community cultural city being harmonized with book and image known as image is added to existing Bookcity and being expanded to cultural city.
Bookcity Festival for Children being held for 10 days from May 5 Children’s Day was planned so that by selecting inviting country as France in commemoration of 120th anniversary of Korea-France normalization, diversified French children’s book world could be experienced. In particular, exhibition composition that extensively used ‘Bookcity promenade’ and image including diversified experience programs received favorable response.
By inviting ‘Paju Bookcity architecture exhibition’ at Graz, Austria, an exhibition was held at Kunst house display hall for 15 days. At Graz city, together with architecture model exhibition, a seminar attended by 40 architects at home and abroad who participated in construction of the Bookcity was progressed. As Pajubookcity Corporate Cooperative was established, 3 organizations including cooperatives, foundation and consultation body could coexist. Along with his change, while residing was accelerated in 2006, visitors at home and abroad visiting the Bookcity were increased day by day. In particular, in order to bench mark the Bookcity, visit of foreign publishers and governmental authorizes concerned was followed consistently. Moreover, various events including Bookcity Festival for Children, Paju Bookcity Forum, Interchange Symposium of East Asia Book Paju Book City festival for urban activation and activation support project were unfolded.
After book fair at Frankfurt, exhibition was held for 2 months by the invitation of RA gallery of Barcelona, Spain.
By inviting publication-related personnel of East Asia including Sugiura, Kohei of Japan, Rywi, Jing- Run of China, Hwang, Yong-Seung of Taiwan, Chung, Byeong-Gyoo of Korea, a symposium for pursuing cooperative method and book design exhibition of Sugiura, Kohei were held.
First edition of ’beautiful Bookcity’ that contains diversified news of the Bookcity and provides communication among members of the Bookcity was published.
German government designated 2005 as ‘a year of Korea’ and held ‘Architectural exhibition of Paju Bookcity’ showing urban construction process and architectural styles by inviting Paju Bookcity as a part of such event. Exhibition started from Ades West Gallery, Berlin on October and it was followed by Frankfurt book fair Korean Hall and throughout this period, exhibition was frequently visited by local press and diversified visitor as well as personnel concerned of printing industry.
Followed by 2004, ‘World life culture forum – Gyeonggi 2005’event was held.
As ‘DMZ 2005 international modern art fair’ was held, invitation exhibition of international artists for reinterpreting political, social, economic, cultural and geopolitical property of DMZ of Korean peninsula was progressed at Asia Publication Culture & Information Center for 1 month.
As performance of opera music hall was progressed for 2 times during May and June backed by narration of music critic Jang, Il-Beom, a place where family unit visitors visiting the Bookcity would participate and enjoy was provided.
’Dancing monkey – Red Peter’ being performed by actor Jang, Du-Yi in a form of monodrama provided an opportunity of giving imagination to the people working in printing industry and stimulating intellectual curiosity to general public.
By holding architectural symposium of the Bookcity in order to check architectural performance of the Book city being gradually furnished with full image and to solidify a determination for its successful creation, a meaningful opportunity of diagnosing a direction to be taken in the future was provided. On the same day, family year-end music festival, ‘Meaningful 2004, Hopeful 2005’ preparing a new year by wrapping up one year was held under attendance of residing company staff members and their families.
’World life culture forum-Gyeonggi 2004’ event being held at the Bookcity participated by thinkers, theorists and practitioners all over the world provided an opportunity of forming bond of sympathy for life culture based on life, peace that are topic of 21c and facilitating recognition change of cosmopolitans.
Whole staff members of cultural industry division of MCST visited major facilities of the Bookcity.
By progressing dinner party under attendance of veteran publishers, an opportunity of explaining vision for yesterday, today and future of the Bookcity was provided.
As our foundation promotes various projects for the purpose of pursuing public character and interest, our foundation was designated as contribution beneficiary organization from the government so that it could progress various public projects under financial support from donator, enterprise, organization.
40 important visitors including organization committee chairman of German Frankfurt book fair, German publication circle personnel and guest of honor organization committee chairman of 2005 Frankfurt book fair visited major facilities of the Bookcity.
Our foundation received printing business registration certificate from Paju City and businessman registration certificate from Goyang tax office.
Bookcity Culture Foundation that will undertake operation of Asia Publication Culture & Information Center as a complex culture research facility of global level for realization and activation of urban goal of Paju Bookcity that will lead knowledge, informationization times in 21c was established.